Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall 2008

The fall has come and gone for our SCAD Bees. The girls are currently finishing up classes for the fall quarter and most will be heading home for the break soon. The girls played 5 games this fall and although they did not walk away with wins from the games they improved every game that was played. The first was a double header on 10/18/08 against Armstrong and the second on Halloween weekend in a three game match up with Chattanooga State. In every outing the girls progressed. Our Australian pitcher Lisa Williams settled in to her role more and more as the games went on working closely with Dominica Jordan (catcher) to figure out their strategies for each batter. The outfield increasing range and aggressiveness, the infield settling into their positions and being solid defensively and offense working on being aggressive and knowing the situation as a batter. The offense was lead by Sophomore Courtney Mienkina followed by Carliegh Shannon and Jaime Voelkel. We have a lot of room to grow, and a small and young team, but the girls are excited and willing to do what it takes to be as successful as they have in the past.

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