Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Update

Right now we are in full swing of practice, weights, running, and of course CLASS here at SCAD. The girls are in the middle of mid-terms and busy as ever. Over the last few weeks the team has been very busy also adding community servicing and games into their schedule. Two weeks ago our team helped prepare for the Annual Buddy Walk in Forsyth Park to raise awareness for Down's Syndrome. This was the second year our team participated in the event and they were great once again. The people hosting the event were very happy about the generosity our team provides with their time, attitude and help.

We have also had two weekends of fall games so far. The team has a great group of returners and the underclassmen are doing a great job of making adjustments and getting better fast. From one weekend to the next we made strides as a team and improved. We play three more games this fall and look forward to making ourselves a little better and more comfortable together before our fall is over.

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