Monday, November 1, 2010

2011 Recruits

It is that time of year again where we add future Bees to our roster!! We will introduce you to our signees right here on the Diamond Club Blog so you too will get to know the future of SCAD Softball! We are very excited for the 2011 recruits we are bringing in. To start off we would like to introduce Erica Garcia.

Erica is joining us from Winter Springs, Fl. Erica is a utility player who has made every effort to work on positions that would fit what we needed in the 2011 class. She has good speed and determination both of which will be great assets to our team. Erica's love for the SCAD has made her a stand out in our recruiting process and we are lucky to have an athlete who loves SCAD and softball as much as she does. We are looking forward to having Erica join our team next fall and we are excited to watch her grow in softball and her education. Erica is coming to SCAD for a Fashion degree and hopes to have her own line of clothing one day!


Michelle :) said...

EXCITING!!!So Proud of her!

Anonymous said...

congrats i love you goodluck