Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News from the Field

We are in our third week of practice, and even though we have had to battle some really cold weather, we have stayed on track to be ready for our Feb. 7th season opener against Thomas University.

Coach Vlahos has the outfield working hard on the little things that make great outfielders and with the speed and arms of this years outfield our opponents will find it hard to take extra bases.

I have been bringing our pitching staff along to the point we are ready to start throwing live scrimmages to prepare for game day. Our rotating staff for the first half of the season will be Dominica Jordan, Kasey Keown, and Jennifer Bryden. Jackie Rooney has been taken out of the rotation due to an injury but will be healthy to start in the outfield on the 7th. Jennifer Bryden is new to the program this term and will see the bulk of the pitching until we are able to add Lisa Williams back into the rotation.

During our team retreat, the infield committed to having the strongest infield we have ever started at SCAD. They have set very high goals for their season and have been willing to put in the hard work to get ready for game day. Britney Helmers, a team captain and this years only senior, has been doing a great job leading the infield.

We have 8 more practice days until game day and I don't think I have seen a hungrier group ready to get started. This should be a fun year!

Coach Knecht

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