Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Season starting strong...

Carleigh Shannon earned this weeks Sun Conference Player of the week.
A small team but plays with power, having 21 hits in one game and 55 hits on the weekend.
With not much time spent outside before the first weekend of games the Bees were ready to hit the season running.. The Bees won their first two games on Saturday with some easy but were tested on Sunday as the other teams come out shooting for 19th ranked SCAD. The Bees came out knowing that this small team would have to rely on the the group as a whole to get through any game they played. Overall SCAD walked away 2-2 on the weekend but showed strong areas to start the year and areas to get better in. The Bees play again on Friday Feb. 13th against Brewton Parker and expect to walk away with two more wins.

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