Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Season Update

Well we are 12 games into the season and one day away from finishing the winter term and though the road hasn't been easy the girls are living up to their "small but mighty" theme.

We have had some very high scoring games so far as we battle through our pitching woes but all of that has lead to SCAD ranked #1 in the NAIA statistics in stolen bases per game(5.083) and hits per game (12.417). Top 10 rankings in runs scored per game (8.083) and team batting average (.412) and top 20 ranking in runs batted in per game (6.750) and slugging percentage (.530). Individual players ranked include: Carliegh Shannon #1 in stolen bases, #2 in at bats per game, #10 in hits per game, Courtney Mienkina #4 in hits per game, and Jackie Rooney #6 in stolen bases per game.

It has been exciting to watch us play this year as many games have been high scoring with lots of action happening each game. Stolen bases, homeruns, and extra base hits by the offense and pickoffs, diving catches, tag plays, and double plays by the defense.

We have one more Smash Hit game tomorrow and then 4 games over spring break. Then we start the new term with our conference season on the agenda. Our pitching staff will have an additional arm and with our offensive power another Sun Conference title in our sights.

The new NAIA ranking will come out Wed. the 18th so keep an eye on how the Bees fair.

Coach Knecht

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