Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time to bounce back

Going into this season we knew as a team we had some obstacles to overcome but we still set high goals for the season. What we didn't know was the other obstacles that would get thrown in front of us. We haven't practice as often as we should due to lousy spring weather, we played the Brewton Parker series with 3 kids playing with the "up-chuck" flu, and this weekend had to play without Britney Helmers due to an injury to her big toe. We aren't using any of this as excuses and coming off a poor performance weekend the only option we have is to work harder and bounce back. We have two home conference weekends on the schedule to get back on track and even though we are still running into weather related issues I believe the team understands what it will take.

Ultimately, getting to the conference tournament this year and then putting it all together to reach our potential with a return trip to the national tournament will make all the hard work and obstacles we had to overcome just the icing on the cake. This is a season these kids will remember because we had to work so hard to overcome!

I want to say thanks to our alumni for their support this weekend! Kayla Tom (Dernier) and her husband Dane along with their soon to be little girl, Cristina Morgado and her mom Sharon, and Jessica Sciulli and her mom and dad, Nancy and Mark. A special thanks to the Sciulli's for having the team over to their house and feeding them!

We also had a great showing of future Bees. Jamie Paolini and her parents Chris and Elyse, Candle Pfefferle and her parents Karina and Rick, Kat Massey and Alexandra Cook.

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